Most women and men will survive a diagnosis of breast cancer. However, hearing the words "you have breast cancer" can cause fear and anxiety which can hinder a person's ability to take in information and take part in the treatment decision process.

Our goal is to decrease your anxiety and fear by helping you access objective, credible information through our educational "tool kit" and by talking through your diagnosis with you.

We provide clinical consults to help you understand your diagnosis and your treatment options. We will also work with your treatment team to assist you through decisional conflicts and work with you to navigate through an often challenging maze of choices.

Is There a Cost for Our Services? No. At the present time, services at the Andre Center are free of charge. However, as a non-profit we do welcome donations to help support this effort. For your convenience, you can click on the Paypal link to make a donation online



“Every time my heart would start to race, or my mind would start down the path of fear and anxiety, I would be handed just the right thing to read or be engaged in a calming conversation that served to enlighten me. I am 100% convinced that the path I was guided down by a nurse breast specialist was the very best path I could have taken, and I haven't looked back. Peace of mind sounds a bit extraordinary after a breast cancer diagnosis, but it is what I carry with me every day. ”

Sandee Scheeler, Diagnosed at age 29