About the Founder and Executive Director

Sandra Walters is the Founder and Executive Director of the Andre Center. She developed the program in 2006 based on the overwhelming need for coordination of medical services. Sandra has worked in the field of breast health and breast cancer education/navigation since 1999. She has two certifications in the field of breast health and navigation; CN-BN Certified Navigator Breast Nurse through the National Consortium of Breast Centers and CBCN Certified Breast Care Nurse through the Oncology Nurses Society.

Sandra was chosen as a 2007 Yoplait Champion for her pioneering effort in establishing the Andre Center,, a unique community based non-profit program which provides clinical education, coordination and navigation services to breast cancer patients statewide at no cost, with an emphasis on the underserved. The Andre Center has established itself as an outreach organization for all who need breast imaging services or connection to breast health/cancer resources. To date the Andre Center has provided education/navigation services to over 600 women and men in Colorado.

In October 2008 Sandra was the recipient of a National Nursing Excellence Award in Community Service which was given for her development of the Andre Center and their service delivery at that time to over 300 women. The Nursing Spectrum awards, now, committee recognized that the Andre Center program was the only one of its kind in the country.

In January 2014 Sandra was nominated for the Education Advocacy Nightingale Luminary Award in Denver, CO.

Sandra is currently the Breast Health Educator/Navigator for Saint Joseph Hospital Breast and Cancer Programs and the Executive Director for the Andre Center. She has also led the development for comprehensive breast programs at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, IL, 1999 - 2002; Porter Hospital, Denver, 2003 - 2006; and St. Joseph Hospital, Denver, 2007 to present. Sandra has personally counseled 1,000+ women and their families through their breast cancer experience and is committed to the concept that education + navigation + compassion = peace of mind.

Sandra is recognized nationally as a leader and speaker in the field of patient navigation. If you are looking for guidance regarding breast or oncology program navigation please visit Sandra's consulting website at