Questions to Ask

Below is a list of questions to ask your doctor if he/she has recommended a clinical trial for
you or if you have learned of one you are interested in and meet the requirements for.
For specific clinical trial information go to the Colorado Cancer Research Program link Click Here

• Why is this study/trial being done?
• What is likely to happen to me if I do/don’t participate?
• What are my other options (standard treatments, other studies)? What are the
   advantages and disadvantages?
• How much experience do you have with this particular treatment? With conducting
   clinical trials in general?
• What were the results in previous studies of this treatment?
• What kinds of tests and treatments does the stud involve? How often are they done?
• What side effects might I expect from the study/trial?
• Will I have to be hospitalized? If so, how often and for how long?
• Will I still be seeing my regular doctor?
• Will I have any costs? Will any of the treatment be free? Will my insurance cover the
• If I am harmed as a result of the research, what treatment will I be entitled to?
• How long will I remain in the study?
• Are there reasons I would be removed from the study? Are there reasons the study
   might be stopped early?
• Is long-term follow-up care part of the study?
• Can I choose to continue to get this treatment even after the study ends?
• Will this require extra time of travel commitment on my part?
• How could the study affect my daily life?
• Are there others participating in the study whom I could speak to?