How Will The Consultation Help Me?

A nurse who specializes in breast cancer education and navigation will be meeting with you over the phone or in person to provide a guiding hand.  Our goal is to increase your understanding and decrease your anxiety and uncertainty.  She will go over the "next steps" that you will be taking after a diagnosis. In talking to you about these next steps, the nurse will be referring to your radiology and pathology reports to help you better understand what recommendations may be discussed with you by your doctors. The nurse's role is not to give medical treatment recommendations, but to help you understand what the different choices for treatment may be and to introduce you to medical language that you will be hearing. In the initial steps after diagnosis, the nurse will work with you to help set up appointments for a surgical or medical oncology consultation. She can also help you better understand how to establish strong and trusting relationships with your breast cancer physician team, and in addition she will work with your primary care physician, if you have one, to support effective communication between care providers. After the initial consultation, we will be available for questions as you need us.

How To Access the Andre Center's Services

  • Call the center at 303-388-2441 to schedule an in-person or phone consultation.
  • Have available any radiology reports i.e. mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy or MRI reports pertaining to diagnosis.
  • Have available any pathology reports from biopsy's or surgeries you had regarding this diagnosis.
  • Have your insurance information available, and call your insurance company beforehand to find out where you have access to services. We do not bill your insurance company for our services, but need to know if you have restrictions on where you can access physician or diagnostic services.
  • If you don't have insurance, be prepared to discuss annual income so we can assess possible funding sources.
  • Have your primary care physician's (PCP) name, phone number and fax number available. A primary care physician is usually a family practice, internal medicine or ob/gyn physician. You do not need to have a PCP to access our services.
  • If possible, have knowledge about your family history of cancer on both mother and fathers side as that information is valuable regarding genetic counseling.
  • Our nurses will also help you access non medical resources that may be valuable and do her best to support you and your family's emotional well-being through the maze of information, appointments and procedures you will encounter.