Client Satisfaction Survey Results

In June 2010, a survey was sent to public health clinics statewide who have referred breast cancer clients to the Andre Center.  Read some of their quotes below.



"Compassionate and knowledgeable staff with great listening skills"

"Feeback from our patients is that the Andre Center gave them invaluable emotional support,  information and connection to non-medical resources"

"Professional service, passion, interested in the patient and family, organized, thorough, willing to go the extra mile"

"The Andre Center program individualizes care making it a truly patient centered service.  Always keeps the patient informed of what the next steps are and how they can access care in the area that they live in"

"Andre Center has a deep level of knowledge about breast cancer that we can't find elsewhere which makes their service very valuable to our patients"

"We are extremely confident in referring patients to the Andre Center for education and treatment navigation.  They are much more knowledgeable than our staff and make the process very seamless for our patients"

"The Andre Center Staff are extremely friendly, caring and compassionate.  A lot of time, patients are overwhelmed by their diagnosis and don't know how to assess all of the options that have been discussed with them.  The Center is so helpful in guiding women through a better understanding of their diagnosis and helps them get to excellent treatment providers."