Benefits of Massage Therapy

Current medical research confirms that massage therapy offers great benefits to cancer patients at every stage of treatment and recovery. Restorative to both body and spirit, skilled touch therapy offers the recipient comfort and relief for those experiencing physical and emotional distress. Massage helps empower patients by helping them feel whole again, less traumatized and more in touch with their recuperative resources.

Certified oncology massage therapists provide patients and their caregivers with compassionate, nurturing, and skilled touch. Oncology massage therapists have specialized training in working with patients with a variety of medical disorders and are aware of the wide range of medical implications requiring individualized, comprehensive and customized care plans. Potential restrictions or contraindications to touch therapy are continually assessed and incorporated into a personalized care plan.

Therapists will work in partnership with your entire medical team. Your personalized care plan can then be integrated with all aspects of your healing journey. We invite you to experience the powerful benefits of touch therapy.

Massage Therapy

Massage or touch therapy is a hands on process integrating a variety of strokes and techniques to facilitate change in the body.

  • Bodywork can be done fully clothed or completely or partially unclothed. You will be covered at all times.
  • Bodywork can be given on a massage table, hospital bed or in a seated position. We will work with your needs.
  • Body work can consist of a full body of specific area of treatment.
  • Bodywork can be done daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you need it.
  • Bodywork sessions can last 15 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Techniques that may be integrated into the session include:

Swedish Massage Applied Kinesiology
Reflexology Oncology Massage
Myofascial Release Neuromuscular Therapy
Cranial Sacral therapy Subtle Energy Techniques (Reiki,
Lymph Drainage Therapy Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy)
Sports Massage Therapy  

Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Relieves muscle soreness and tension
  • Increases relaxation and decreases stress
  • Increases the effectiveness of other medical treatments or medications
  • Increases comfortable movement and improves posture
  • Increases circulation:
    • Lymphatic flow is stimulated, assisting in the elimination of waste products and the reduction of swelling
    • Vascular flow is stimulated, bringing fresh nutrients to areas that need it
  • Provides pain relief
  • Improves range of motion
  • Decreases muscle spasm and contracture
  • Increases alertness and mental clarity
  • Decreases anxiety ad depression
  • Stimulates or sedates the nervous system